Who Are We?

GoldbarTech is Software as a Service company providing Cloud based solutions since 2005. We believe in business agility and our Agile development model lets you take control of your business goals by providing mission critical application development and support within the window of Time to Market.

Who Trusts Us?

How Can We Help You?

Digital Marketing

Pioneers of Digital Marketing in Pakistan. Actively involved in digital marketing since 2005

Android Development

Cutting Edge mobile application development on Android Platform in Pakistan

Big Data & Hadoop

Experts in Hadoop Cluster deployment and Developing Map Reduce applications.

Linux Infrastructure Support

All flavors support, security and services including remote administration and monitoring.

Email Marketing

Managing Large Volume Email marketing campaigns since 2004. Experts in large scale email applications and transactional email development.


Scalable Ecommerce Application Development. Successfully managing high transaction volume ecommerce applications with 99.999% uptime.

Web Hosting

Cloud VPS hosting services and Amazon AWS experts.

Content Development

Digital Video Content Development. Online Courses and Learning Material development.

What Do We Do?

Experience Linux Engineers with hands on experience in all flavors.
Back End, Front End and Mobile Application Development in Java.
One of Fastest MTA from Port25. Expert Level knowledge with 5 years Hands On and Custom Development experience.
Dozens of Successful Apps launched on Android Play Store.
Cloud Infrastructure management on Amazon AWS. Good Hands On with All products of AWS
High Availability, Scalable Enterprise Level Database Administration in MySql Cluster. Successfully managing up to 32 node clusters.
Clustered Virtual Servers management and customized API development for WebMin.
Experts BigData Analytics in Hadoop. Distributed File System and Hadoop Cluster deployment and maintenance. Map Reduce Applications Development.
Full Stack Development using PHP/MySql, Angular JS, Node.JS and HTML5
Successfully Deployed Full Stack / DevOp applications using Yii Frameworks.
High Availability Cloud Applications. Custom API development for Cloudstack. Cloud infrastructure development.
High Availability Cloud Applications. Custom API development for OpenStack. Cloud infrastructure development.
Custom Deployment and development in OpenERP.
Data Warehousing solution deployment with Apache Hive.
Scalable Multi Cluster NGNIX web service deployment and infrastructure support.
High Availability Scalable Database Clusters with Apache Cassandra

What Are Our Product?


High Volume email Marketing Service designed for Digital Marketers and Startups who want to create product awareness using digital channel. Developed our own Transactional Email Service for Developers and Customized Systems to reliably deliver their emails.


Cloud Based membership management, online training and online education platform. With ever growing subscriber base, Constant Continuity is revolutionizing how online education is delivered on internet.


Email Marketing Platform

State of the Art Email Marketing platform. Coming Soon…


Cloud VPS platform. High Availability SSD based Cloud Instances that can be launched in minutes loaded with any OS of your choice.

Who Makes This Happen?

Khurram Shahzad


He Believes Leadership comes through Empathy and Humility. He has a clear vision for company with strong focus on core values. He believes cultural change starts from the top and is driven to the bottom, making every member of organization self responsible and self accountable..


Aamir Shahzad


He is a Tech Geek by Birth. Restlessness and curiosity in his nature. He is always looking for new technologies, new ideas and new horizons for growth. He is a great team leader with phenomenal potential for innovation.




Muhammad Rizwan


Makes sure every body gets paid on time and company future cash flows are maintained .


Fraz Ali

Senior System Admin at GOLDBARTECH

He is the Captain of the fleet of servers that are spread across the globe in different data centers. Without him, things will fall apart. He is amazing guy with great sense of humor. He likes to be friendly with his team and helps when needed.


Ishtiaq Ahmad

Senior Software Engineer at GOLDBARTECH

He is a Logical Genius who has ever growing thirst for new technologies. He can make things happen for you in a blink of an eye. He needs little briefings for his assignments and can over deliver when assigned a task..


Saira Noor

Project Coordinator at GOLDBARTECH

She bridges the gap between company and customers. She is Customer Support Evangelist who can go to any extent to provide support to her customers. She takes care of all customers and team like a family.


Hassan Ali

Bussiness/Marketer Manager at GOLDBARTECH

He is the Business muscle behind the company. He spreads the word about company and products. He is very well versed with Digital Marketing and joins elite group of marketers in Pakistan.


Imran Qureshi

Web Developer at GOLDBARTECH

He is a Smart Chap who makes backend of our products work. He is a great learner and always hungry for new tools and technologies. He puts extra effort in taking care of company, always makes himself available whenever needed.


Asad Khan

Linux System Admin at GOLDBARTECH

He is smart kid with enormous potential. He works like a machine day and night and is never tired. He drives the energy in company through his passion and hard work.


Khawaja Arshad Ali


He has great eye for talent. He recruits best of best for company. He selects right person for right job. Without him, hiring a great talent pool would have been impossible.


Ch Adnan

Linux System Admin at GOLDBARTECH

He takes care of back end servers and helps Captain run the fleet. He is young and energetic full of ideas and can make himself available during any hour of day.


Riyasat Khan

Office Support at GOLDBARTECH

He runs day to day affairs of office, and makes sure everyone is comfortable enough to do his job.

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